Jennifer Van de Pol is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, on/in the lands of the Lkwungen speaking peoples. An alumna of Goddard College, Vermont U.S. (M.F.A. ’13) and the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC (B.F.A. ’02,) her work has been exhibited across Canada, in the Netherlands, Sweden, the U.S. and Hong Kong. She is interested in how art praxis can bring about transformative change in body/heart/mind both individually and collectively. She explores qualities of being and the possibility of subtle profundity through drawing, artist’s books, video, painting and performance.

Please contact her directly with inquiries about commissions or limited edition book works.



I’ve been called a renaissance woman by un ami de Paris. If that means I’m capable of following my heart no matter what, of waking with the sun to plant radish seeds, of making poems every night that become song in my sleep, then yes, I’ll be that woman.
I’ll run with it and make marks on paper that become dance, I’ll cry when it’s inappropriate.
I’ll be a renaissance man and a cormorant bird too, just to shake up rigid notions of gender & dualism, I’ll lick my hands and smear them on fuschia stained paper, I’ll keep learning Tibetan and paint calligraphic letters on the bottoms of bare feet, I’ll float in the ocean on my back under the stars. I’ll be quiet and listen.

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